Web Analytics

Working and delivering best SEO Services, ESOLPK Interactive Digital Marketing Company believes in looking at the whole SEO strategies. Website analysis is the very first step in great SEO work. There is absolutely no magic formula to enhancing a site for search engines; no secret formula to that winning combination. You will find, however, a few foundational facets of good, basic SEO. Among those is the analysis, first step our digital marketing company follows to find facts and figures of a business website.

What concerns as it pertains to investment in SEO really? Ultimately it moves down to conversion and ROI. For the overall website optimization process, it is useful for the best end search results. Whilst rankings provide some known level of indication of how a campaign might be performing, the proof is in the search results, and that is organic search website traffic, revenue and conversions. Come with us and get the good chance to get that you may have to pay for one to get the results you can really use.

While developing a client based website analysis and audit report, we keep it concise, easy to consume, and transparent for client’s understanding. ESOLPK Interactive Digital Marketing Company presents a clear picture of the work being carried out and show how the impact of SEO efforts is correlating with business objectives and goals. This can essentially be grouped into two parts:

  1. Proof of progress


  • Actionable insight

Proof of Progress

Without any precise website data, it is impossible to create a useful website audit report. Avoiding this condition, our services of website analysis and audit report creation carries out an audit of any existing analytics setup. Following things we keep in while creating report for proof of progress are:

  • Data gathering for custom report
  • Final goal and KPI
  • Timing and regularity of reporting
  • Establish benchmark

Actionable insight

Along with top level improvement on the overall desired goals, our audit report includes complete details of actionable insights and expert activities within the reporting period and have absolutely the impact as well these kinds of make.

Following things we keep in our actionable insight report are:

  • Impact of activities
  • Steps for positive performance

Our Streamlines

Proof of progress and actionable insights are for clients’ understanding. Let us share few of our streamlines that we use to deliver a professional website analysis and audit report.

Activities we include in website analysis:

  • Research results in statistical data
  • Explanations and terminologies
  • Specific business keyword research
  • Complete backup of findings
  • Avoid general and vague findings
  • Search engine mockup
  • SEO recommendations for business website
  • Current SEO ranking results

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