Pay per Click

What is Pay per Click (PPC)?

Pay Per Click search engines and Pay Per Click advertising is a method for website owners to pay and get better and more effective positions on search result pages. Pay per click advertising on search engines provides you a way to choose keywords, for which you want your site to appear for upon search. You decide how much to pay for an Ad for each time a user clicks on the search results.

Benefits of Professional Paid Marketing Services

You can start up the campaign right away
You can easily avoid making costly blunders
You can manage your current campaign in-house.
No learning curve is required
Increase in sales
Increase in profit
Less money expenditure
Increase in ROI
Valuable keyword and ad analytics
More targeted clicks for less cost

What We Serve!

We offer you our PPC Management, Marketing and Advertising Services. We can set up and maintain a well structured campaign for Search Engine Marketing of your website for all major search engines. Our Paid Marketing Services include an ideal combination of keyword grouping, distribution preferences, bid values and delivery times. Owing to perfection, this combination attracts maximum clicks and conversions for your given budget; enabling you to get the top sponsored rankings with a set of specific and genuine keywords. This increases the number of authentic visits to your website.

We ensure increase in your sales and return on investment owing to the useful keywords and ad analytics.

End result: More targeted clicks for less cost and visible increase in your profit.

PPC Campaign Set Up

In the PPC advertisement, the owner of website initially chooses the keywords which would get displayed when a search is performed. Then the payment is decided for each time the search results are clicked upon. The website will appear higher in search engine results depending upon how much a website owner is willing to pay per click for the chosen keywords. There are many PPC search engines, and the larger the search engine, the higher would be the bidding price.

The campaign set up includes:

  • Keyword assemblage
  • Copywriting of Advertisement
  • Landing page specification
  • Setting up of value of bid
  • Setting preferences for distribution of campaign
  • Setting up Ad delivery
  • Campaign set up for multiple languages
  • Discussion and consultation for landing page design

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