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A great brand name in the category of men's grooming products and products that favor men's skin before and after shaving, Hommage launched a new website "Hommage Shop Online". Following the tradition, Hommage opted to go with the quote "A picture is worth a thousand words" and developed the site using the Magento CMS. Hommage also opted to go with the use of full high resolution images on their website. The site, developed by ESOLPK, is an E-Commerce based one and supported Online sales and shipping of different high class grooming products for men. As the site was new, therefore SEO had a major role-play in bringing the site to the world's eyes. The team at ESOLPK followed a well woven marketing plan and made sure that every worthy search engine and shopping site took notice of the products being hosted on the new site. Proper use of White Hat SEO techniques made sure that Hommage Shop Online topped the search rankings for a number of desirable keywords both generic and product specific.

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