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A large number of students from all over the world are now turning towards online education to complete their degree, rather than go to full time institutions. Online education helps save them time while they work to pay for expenses. A large number of online schools can be found, but to find one who is listed by the Ministry of Education and offers a variety of courses can prove to be a difficult task. Park City Independent is an online school and is fast growing. Every year a large number of students sign up to complete their education and get the degree that they unwillingly had to leave due to some reason. As the number of students’ enlisting increased, it was necessary for Park City Independent to have a decent placing in the Search Engines’ search results. The owner of Park City Independent went in favor of ESOLPKOnline to improve the placement and position of Park City Independent on the web. By using carefully guided techniques and strategies, the team of ESOLPKOnline is working on increasing the number of users to the site from Google searches. Main Keyword: online high school, online high school for adults, accredited online high school

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