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Secure Path Networks provides services in reducing the telecommunications costs and the expenditures necessary to maintain a low telecom bill. The rise in expenses has lead to office telecom bills to go sky high and offices are in the search of providers who can help them reduce their telecom bill. The presence of secure path networks on the internet was good, but it lacked the placing in the Search Engines search results. For particular keywords, that included the domain name, Secure Path Networks found the sacred first page position. To increase the Search Engine visibility, ESOLPKOnline was contacted. After a careful evaluation and analysis of the trend in the searches and traffic flow, the seo experts started with formulating promotional strategies keeping the client’s requirement as well as characteristics of major search engines in mind. This was followed by implementation of the strategies in the form of both on-page and off-page optimization. Currently Secure Path Networks has improved its Alexa Ranking, and also finds its place among the first five pages for Google’s results for generic keywords and is placed on the first and second pages for other keywords. Prior to SEO service, Secure Path Networks did not have any mentionable ranking. Trends show that the current placing will further improve after OFF Page SEO implementation. Main Keyword: telecom bill saving, save on telecom bills, reduce telecom bills, reduce telecom cost, save telecom expenses, save telecommunication expenses, telecom expense saving, Telecom bill analysis, telecom bill analysis auditing, Telecom cost saving, telecommunications expense reduction, save on telecom cost,cost saving audits, telecom saving audits

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