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Marinews.com is an Australian based website providing services of art of knot tying, fishing knots, rope knots, boating and buy and sell boats. This Australian Client wanted to improve his website for Search Engine visibility over the local market (Australia, Local Search Pages) as to get better coverage for potential web surfers. This needs the site to be reworked on all major portions, including dynamic SEO, segmented indexing, increase of crawl rate, and web structure optimization. A team of experienced Search Engine Optimization and Marketing experts at ESOLPKOnline analyzed the requirements of the website and devised a strategic plan which was later concluded within the website. The SEO team started with formulating promotional strategies keeping the client's requirement as well as characteristics of major search engines in mind. This was followed by implementation of the strategies in the form of both on-page and off-page optimization. Today, Marinews.com ranks are quite high in major Search Engines; it receives big traffic from referral sites and is known as one of the best boating site in Australia. Main Keyword: knots, Boating knots, Rope knots, Boats rope, Buy and sell boats, Fishing boats, Fishing articles, Buy a boat, Boat for sale, Marine knots

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