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Dr-SIR is a research based product which has been developed into an "expert computer software system" to be utilized in hospital setups and other healthcare delivery systems. This research product has been developed on the basis of a research study conducted in major teaching and general hospitals. Dr-SIR quantifies in statistical terms on a unified scale (Work Units) - the professional services being rendered in a hospital setup by all categories of professionals. The efficiency measurement analysis can be done for the whole hospital, for a particular department with in the hospital or for any individual in a department. Dr-SIR is created by ESOLPK, and ESOLPKOnline division has provided its marketing services. We have provided following services to Dr-SIR for the promotion of this product. Search Engine Optimization services Search Engine Marketing services Link Building services PPC services Main Keyword: Healthcare management software, pay for performance, efficiency measurement, healthcare management

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